About Us

Lunar Red is a Melbourne-based wedding and events video business.

Lunar Red began in early 2013, the creative brain child of budding cinematographer / filmmaker Carlo Peritore.  Using the skills and tools he acquired during his days in film school and as a photographer, Carlo and co aim to craft the very best wedding films they can, opting for a more cinematic yet unobtrusive approach to shooting.  Ensuring the emotions on screen are genuine, Lunar Red opts to preserve clients’ memories and moments as oppose to manufacturing them.

A fly on the wall, not in your face

Wedding days go fast, there’s no doubt about it.  One minute you’re getting into your dress or putting your suit on and the next thing you know you’re saying goodbye to your friends and family as you leave the reception.  During that time, you’ll want to take in as much of the day as possible, and enjoy every second of it (before you watch your video, of course).

At Lunar Red, we have a bit of a philosophy that we follow.  We’d rather that those moments were not taken up by a person with a camera telling you what to do, how to act and where to look.  So, we prefer to take a step back, and capture genuine moments.  We don’t pose.  While that might make our job a little more challenging and keep us on our toes for most of the day, it does mean that when you watch your video you’ll know you’re not acting, that the smile you see is real and the memories you have of the day aren’t all taken up by a cameraman saying “NOW KISS!”

Quality over Quantity

We don’t like to make disposable entertainment.  We don’t create things you watch once and put on a shelf to gather dust.  Most importantly, we don’t make things that bore.  We prefer to craft films that have immense replay value, something you’ll never tire of.  This is why we cap our features at 10 and 20 minutes.  By having a time limit on our features it forces us to use only the very best material we shoot over the course of the day.  We don’t pad our films out with things that would otherwise be unnecessary or would make your film drag.  We prefer to craft videos that leave you wanting more (happily) as opposed to something that overstays its welcome.


At Lunar Red we do things a little differently.  Instead of bulk packages, the old “standard, gold, platinum” way of doing things, we have skeleton packages that you can then build upon.  Rather than having five features and watching two, instead you choose only the videos / features you prefer the most.  We found that not only does this give our clients more options and flexibility, it is also hugely cost-effective and easy on the budget.

The Lunar Red team